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yo pienso

cosas que pienso y luego escribo sin delete, sin copy, y sin paste.

a mi gente de la compraventa 2000.

viernes, febrero 25, 2005
mi gentis, no saben cuánta satisfacción me da saber que las cosas que yo pienso, no sólo han sido motivo de diversión para ustedes, sino que han sido su razón de ser, de existir. quiero que sepan que son parte importante de los integrantes de mi blog, aunque se me haga difícil responderles los comentarios o hacer posts nuevos por mi falta de tiempo.

cada vez que los leo me divierto. no me cabe duda que ustedes también.

por el empeño, el tiempo y la dedicación reflejados en sus aportes a este blog,

*por cosas como estas me deberían de dar un casandra, y a todo aquel que tiene el poder de crear semejante movimiento. esto sólo lo hace un humilde artista -perdón, publicista- que sin darse cuenta, mueve masas -aunque sólo sean un grupito.

un quickie.

lunes, febrero 21, 2005
en esta noche tan especial de los premios casandra... qué cursi.
anyway, quiero felicitar a Baby (Rithelena) y a Meow (Anita) y a todo el team de FC por su trabajo en el Casandra.
En especial a mi hermano personal Waddys, respect brother, mad respect. (y de nuevo gracias Waddys porque si no hubiese sido por tí, me hubiesen matado en Queens).

Baby & Meow, a bottle of red wine awaits to a toast on success. (qué excusa más linda)

*smooch* a las dos y un fraternal abrazo a Waddys.

Bold the sentences.

domingo, febrero 13, 2005
OK, si quieren ver la lista completa vayan al post de David. En vez de ponerlas en bold, yo borré las que no se aplicaban.

001. I miss somebody right now.
006. I wear glasses or contact lenses.
008. I've done something illegal.
009. I've watched porn movies.
010. I have been in a threesome.
012. I like my handwriting.
015. I curse frequently.
016. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
017. I have a hobby.
018. I've been to another country.
020. I'm really, really smart.
022. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal.
023. I love rain.
027. I love sushi.
032. I have at least one brother and/or sister.
033. I was born in a country outside of the U.S.
037. I couldn't survive without Caller I.D.
038. I like the way that I look. = I love it =P
040. I know how to do cornrows.
043. I think prostitution should be legalized.
046. I have a hidden talent.
049. I am currently single.
052. I practically live in PJ pants. (My Boxers)
053. I love to shop.
057. I'm obsessed with my diary!
058. I don't hate anyone.
059. I'm a pretty good dancer.
060. I have at least one tattoo.
062. I have a cell phone.
068. I've rejected someone before.
069. I currently have a crush on someone.
071. I want to have children in the future.
072. I have changed a diaper before.
073. I've had the cops called on me before.
074. I bite my nails.
076. I'm not allergic to anything deadly.
077. I have a lot to learn.
078. I have dated someone at least 10 years older or younger.
079. I've had sex with more than one person in a 24 hour period.
081. I'm online 24/7, even as an away message.
082. I have at least 5 away messages saved.
083. I have been rejected by someone.
084. I have made a move on a friend's significant other in the past.
089. I love my best friend (s).
093. I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
094. I have waxed or shaved all my pubic hair off.
096. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
098. I have dated a close friend's ex.
099. I'm happy as of this moment.
100. I have gone scuba diving.
101. I've had a crush on somebody I've never met.
102. I've kissed someone I knew I shouldn't.
104. I strongly dislike math.
105. I'm procrastinating on something right now.
107. I fall in "lust" more than in "love."
111. I am resentful that I have to grow up.
113. I think the world would be a better place if people just smiled more often.
115. I am suffering from a broken heart.
119. I try not to change who I am for someone.
121. I have had sex with someone I was not in a relationship with.
122. I enjoy smoothies.
126. Some people call me by a nickname.
127. I have fired a gun and liked it.
130. I own over 200 CDs.
131. I work 7 days a week.
134. I'm still in my PJs (Boxers).
136. I have a tendency to fall for the wrong girls, or have them fall for me, so I can't help but reciprocate.
140. I am a cuddler.
143. I have adopted an accent for an entire day.
144. I have climbed a mountain.
145. I have been so drunk that I never made it to the bathroom and vomited in front of lots of people.
147. I have a voracious libido.
149. I love to read.
150. I like Nighttime more than Daytime.
151. I have an eclectic taste in music
152. My hair never stays the same for an extended period of time.
156. I think people with tattoos are sexy.
157. I am a writer

tres tragos de agua tibia.

domingo, febrero 06, 2005
mami: dése rápido, dígale al chofer que suba a comer, que tiene hambre y se siente mal.

luisa (la que cocina): hmm, el tiene desde el lunes en eso. que se siente mal.

mami: el me dijo que era algo del estómago.

luisa: yo le dije que se bebiera 3 tragos de agua tibia por la mañana.

*si no lo entendieron, yo tampoco.