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yo pienso

cosas que pienso y luego escribo sin delete, sin copy, y sin paste.

in this sea of lust.

martes, noviembre 15, 2005
this sea of lust we're in
it's like our town
where you're next door
and i'm your neighbor

and still we have to dig tunnels
to get to each other
through all this clutter

why can't we ever meet in the middle?

we call each other love
and love doesn't seem to care
in these waters we're drowning
yet we sound so shallow
when we speak

we make ammends by justifying love
in all the wrong places
like in a sea of lust
where the water stops
in the shores of desire

all the o's in the world
big or small
could never make up
to the word of love

in this sea of lust
we rocked each other's boats
we collided in a vowel
three letters away
from complete love

and now you know
you can't write love
with one big O.