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yo pienso

cosas que pienso y luego escribo sin delete, sin copy, y sin paste.

hopes and feelings.

viernes, junio 23, 2006
i'm beginning to think you love me more than yourself.
i can't thank you enough for the love, this is true.
but i can only hope you can understand how
by loving you, you are loving me,
since it is you i love.

i hope you understand why this bothers me
even if it doesn't bother you.
i love you.
i wouldn't if it didn't piss me off.

since love isn't enough
i'm hoping my angst is making up
for the love i feel for you.
i just hope you understand this
i just hope you understand me.

if you don't, just hang on
and i'll show you what real love is all about.
because i just found out,
and it's you i have to thank for that.


there's an empty portrait in this room
where i can picture us together forever
at least for this moment.